Leading Passion: Motivation and Work in the Post-Industrial Era Research Conference

We invite researchers and researcher-practitioners interested in new insights, practices and tools for novel ways of working and leadership of the new era to share their ideas in a two-day interdisciplinary research conference in Porvoo, Finland.

The future of work is dependent on our abilities to generate non-material value by creating, sharing and refining knowledge to produce new ideas and innovations. The majority of our organisations are still run based on the organisational principles dating to the early days of industrialisation. We fine-tune systems for “managing” “human resources,” strive for the maximum steering of “performance” and build elaborate goal-accomplishment and costly incentive systems that emphasis measurement, hierarchy and external motivation.

New work requires new ways of thinking: new approaches to leadership and management, novel ways of motivating and engaging people, as well as new practices and ways of working that foster innovation and cooperation. We need to develop models and frameworks that nourish cultures of engagement, creation and sharing in all kinds of organisations, companies, public sector organisations, and professional and other associations.

The list of possible topics includes, but is not limited to, a) Leadership, b) Followership, c) Organisational Culture, d) Positive Psychology, e) Motivation at work, f) Y-generation and g) Practice theory.

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Scientific Committee
Reija Anckar, PhD, Head of Campus, Haaga-Helia UAS
Minna Hiillos, PhD, Vice President, Haaga-Helia UAS
Lauri Järvilehto, PhD, Filosofian Akatemia
Frank Martela, PhD, Researcher, Filosofian Akatemia
Matti Vartiainen, Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, Aalto University

Organising Committee
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Aalto University
Filosofian Akatemia
For further information: Chair of the Organising Committee, Johanna Vuori


The event is located in Finland’s second oldest town called Porvoo. It is a beautiful, small city with a rich history. Also, it is roughly 50 km from the capital city, Helsinki, which makes it a potential day trip destination for many tourists.

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Porvoo CampusVenue

The event is held at the Porvoo campus of Haaga-Helia. Both interior and exterior of the building are very modern. The campus has a welcoming lobby and conferencelike classrooms making it a suitable venue for the event.

Address of venue: Taidetehtaankatu 1, 06100 Porvoo Finland


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