The conference fee is 95 euros, which includes program, seminar materials and meals. Fee excludes travel and accommodation.

The payment works through Haaga-Helia webshop. Please use the link below to pay your conference fee.

Haaga-Helia webshop

How to pay using the webshop?

  1. Click the link above which will direct you to the Haaga-Helia webshop and directly to the conference product page.
  2. Select Add to basket.
  3. Select Display shopping basket in the top right corner.
  4. Write your name, organisation and email in the mandatory boxes.
  5. Select Check out.
  6. Choose Order without registering or Order and register as a customer (the latter is mandatory if you wish to have an invoice of your participation delivered to your organisation).
  7. Add your contact information.
  8. Choose Buy now.
  9. You will be directed to your online bank. The payment can only be done via PayTrail or requesting an invoice.
  10. If everything is correct, proceed by pressing Confirm.


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